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Dear sotolongo law firm,

I have received the amount which you have send for the medical claim. My wife, Lidya, and I thank your law firm and all the lawyers who were in my case for a such great help. Especially Sotolongo, Alejandro Gonzalez, Kai, Tiffany & Carolina for their wonderful support. Words cannot describe our happiness. We personally invite you all to India. Once again we thank you a lot.




“Mr. Peter, thank you 10 times infinity I really do pray that you know how grateful and blessed I am to you and Kai and the cohesiveness in which you all work together…please don’t stop helping persons that cross your path…Thank you I have a special place in my heart for you an Kai… love you all I truly do…


“It is with deep and profound gratitude that I write to express my sincere appreciation for all the hard work, sales patience, order dedication and commitment demonstrated by all of you, while seeking justice and compensation, on my behalf.


Truly, your services rendered has been one of excellence, and I am extremely proud to recommend you to anyone requiring your services! On behalf of my family, and myself, I wish to place on record my GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION!”


In everyone’s life there comes a time when something suddenly goes wrong. That moment for me was when during my work as a fitter for a large shipping company my health deteriorated. After inadequate attempts by them to treat me, decided it no longer needed a man like me. I was out of work and income, and psychological stress that I experienced was huge. I felt like a discarded useless thing. It was very hard for me and my family… I did not know what to do and where to turn for help. Soon afterwards, accidentally stumbled upon the website of Sotolongo PA, and decided to turn to them for legal advice. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation in which they find they have taken up my case. The first very important to me support on their part was that I managed to restore hope and help me to overcome severe depression in which they are located. It was the support without which I would not have done alone. It was the first very important step for me, which made me believe again in my own powers and abilities. This began our joint action to resolve my legal case against a major shipping company… A challenge to face such power, having company is not to be underestimated. All last about two years and all the time I had on my side friend in Sotolongo PA. In thanks to very professional with adequate measures of Sotolongo PA, today I managed to re-arrange my life and believe in my own strength. I regained my faith in good and justice. Achieve victory is not just a huge monetary compensation for me, which I received from my former employer, and the fact that thanks to Sotolongo PA justice prevail. Today I am again confident and cared for my family. In thanks Sotolongo PA again I lead a full life and develop professionally. I encourage everyone fell into another my case to seek the assistance of Sotolongo PA because their mission is to help people in distress. They are outstanding professionals for whom the interest of the customer is above all else. They won my highest consideration. I bow to such people willing to help anyone in trouble. Sotolongo PA thank you very much!


Mr. Sotolongo and Mr. Kai

They know how to take care of their client. While in Miami USA he take’s care of me like I am a part of his family, that why I am now in Jamaica having a good time.


I am J.E.S. form the Republic of Mauritius, ampoule during twenty five years I has been sailing on many kind of ship.

I got a shoulder injury when I was on a passenger ship… on the year 2008, after my first surgery my shoulder was more worst than before. I notice there was medical malpractice, I knew I will not be able to face this problem on my own…
I [retain] the service of Sotolongo Law Firm, honestly I really appreciate the service of Mr. Peter Sotolongo, The most important for me is the communication between Mr. Sotolongo, his law firm team and his client, the crew member is aware of all laws procedure step from the beginning until the end of the case. Mr. Peter Sotolongo is a person who is strict and straight he will never let any Cruise Line Company walk on his toe, he will be all the time on the side of crew members. After four years of patience we finally won our case… Mr. Peter Sotolongo is a lawyer I trust he is man who care for crew members.


This is a great opportunity for me to express myself, search how I had passed my days with you and your team in Miami. I spent 3 months in Miami without my family. During these 3 months, [Sotolongo, P.A.] have taken care of me as your own family… I was treated with the best Doctor in Miami so as to be able to undergo my surgery, After my Surgery, you have taken care of me… Mr. Kai he was always present to help me in every way… It’s very rare to have someone like you Mr. Kai .You are the Best and will remain the best. I was suffering a lot since 4 years, I was bored with my life and you had given me a reason for living along with my family. I will never forget what you have done for me. Keep it up!!!!!!!

May God Bless You