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I am J.E.S. form the Republic of Mauritius, ampoule during twenty five years I has been sailing on many kind of ship.

I got a shoulder injury when I was on a passenger ship… on the year 2008, after my first surgery my shoulder was more worst than before. I notice there was medical malpractice, I knew I will not be able to face this problem on my own…
I [retain] the service of Sotolongo Law Firm, honestly I really appreciate the service of Mr. Peter Sotolongo, The most important for me is the communication between Mr. Sotolongo, his law firm team and his client, the crew member is aware of all laws procedure step from the beginning until the end of the case. Mr. Peter Sotolongo is a person who is strict and straight he will never let any Cruise Line Company walk on his toe, he will be all the time on the side of crew members. After four years of patience we finally won our case… Mr. Peter Sotolongo is a lawyer I trust he is man who care for crew members.